Funds to Donate to at Presbyterian Homes


The Fellowship Fund: Compassion and Benevolence for Residents

Every campus is alive with friendships, wonderful opportunities for intellectual and personal growth and, of course, spiritual renewal. Year by year the bonds of fellowship grow stronger as our residents engage in remarkably fulfilling lives.

It would have a serious impact on the camaraderie that prevails, the strong sense of security that endures, should one of our residents suddenly find themselves without the financial means to continue to live on our campuses. This can happen due to economic forces or when residents outlive their planned assets.

The Fellowship Fund is a powerful example of the Geneva Foundation’s reach and benevolence. On each of our campuses reside fellowship recipients – it could be someone who faced an inexplicable crisis and might, at any other retirement community, have found themselves facing eviction. It could be someone who could not otherwise live at Presbyterian Homes, these people continue to live and thrive among their friends.


The Building Fund: Creating your legacy

The communities of Presbyterian Homes are breathtaking places filled with beautiful gardens, splashing fountains, and winding walking paths. State-of-the-art fitness centers and health centers are hubs of activity and support.

Our Spiritual Life Program provides spiritual support and guidance for our residents and their families. A bedrock of our historical mission, Spiritual Life at Presbyterian Homes honors the life-long faith journey of our residents and their families, regardless of their tradition. Through counseling, study, worship and music programs, chaplains at each of our campuses help to create a holistic care environment where everyone feels welcomed and honored

On each campus, unique and innovative programming creates customized experiences for the residents and clients. These daily experiences serve to enrich lives in the most holistic manner, including physical, intellectual, social and spiritual activities.

As our campuses mature, there will always be a need for ongoing improvements to maintain residents’ safety, convenience and comfort. Moreover, as residents’ interests evolve and grow, there will be a need for new – yet to be conceived – capital and programmatic improvement projects that will continue to make our communities remarkable places to live. During the next decade, Presbyterian Homes will work with residents to strengthen the quality of life on our campuses through far-reaching innovations, important new services, and a bold plan of capital improvements. Opportunities for innovative programming and capital endeavors are many, and the Building Fund will be the avenue for the support of new and continuing programs that supplement and enhance the lives of all those who pass through Presbyterian Homes.

The Building Fund presents donors with limitless opportunities to be part of these exciting new changes. Donors are welcome to inspire Presbyterian Homes with ideas and support for future projects. These projects are ideal for naming opportunities - creating a long-lasting legacy for you, your loved ones and Presbyterian Homes. Demonstrating to future generations that the spirit of generosity prevails on our campuses.


The Thanksgiving Fund: Gratitude and Assistance for Staff

Presbyterian Homes employs 1,340 people – dedicated men and women who work to make our communities into gracious, welcoming homes. Housekeepers, nurses, chefs, landscapers, and administrators – each person touches the lives of residents in sometimes small, other times remarkable, ways.

The Thanksgiving Fund allows residents to make an impact on the lives of Presbyterian Homes’ employees through three crucial areas:

  1. Scholarships: talent and commitment, not the ability to pay tuition and fees, open the doors to an academic, technical or vocational education. This fund provides scholarships to exceptional employees and allows them to pursue new educational opportunities and/or attain economic security.
  2. Emergency Assistance: this special fund is for employees who are in financial need as a result of an emergency or crisis such as fire, natural disaster, disease, or death of an immediate family member.
  3. Appreciation: exceptional productivity from all of our employees is what sets us above other retirement communities, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted. Residents can make an annual gift  to the Employee Appreciation Fund. At year end, a modest gift is given to each employee in recognition of their productive and outstanding service.
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