Geneva Foundation

Geneva Foundation

With faith as our cornerstone, we serve those who need us most.

In 1904, our founders established Presbyterian Homes for older adults with limited financial means. This became our blueprint as we grew into the nationally recognized Life Plan Communities we are today. Presbyterian Homes will demonstrate that the measure of our organization will always be our compassionate mission of service, fulfilled through the Geneva Foundation of Presbyterian Homes.

Even in turbulent financial times, the mission of Presbyterian Homes has not faltered. We currently provide assistance to approximately 7% of our population. We could not do it without the dedicated people and organizations who never forgot that the reason for our success is the beating heart of our charitable work.

For more than 100 years Presbyterian Homes has served a marginalized population of older adults through its charitable mission. The need for this work is only growing.

Together, we can learn how to improve the care of our residents, expand our reach into the communities, and sustain programming that serves older people who are vulnerable for many reasons and need our help.

To learn more about how we can work together to help this special population, contact us for a visit and learn about our bold new vision for the Geneva Foundation of Presbyterian Homes. Explore the following programs to learn more today:

For more information, please call the Geneva Foundation of Presbyterian Homes at (847) 492-2959 for a description of gift opportunities that can change lives. To donate online, click here.


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