Ways to Give

Ways to Give for Seniors / Elderly Citizens Skokie, IL

Each donor has a unique Presbyterian Homes experience.  We want to help provide you with several ways to consider your gift giving, make it meaningful to you and for you to fulfill your philanthropic goals.

Make a gift that is meaningful to you.

You may choose to give to the area of greatest need, allowing the Geneva Foundation to use your gift where it will have the biggest impact. Or if your experience left you deeply touched by a specific campus or program, you can designate your support. Donations in honor or memory of your loved one are always encouraged.

Cash Gifts

Outright gifts are the most immediate and direct way for you to support our mission. You can mail a check, money order or provide us with a credit card.  Our mailing address is ‘The Geneva Foundation of Presbyterian Homes, 8707 Skokie Blvd., Suite 400, Skokie, Illinois 60077. Donate Today!

Monthly Giving

Regular monthly giving provides a consistent form of giving which helps strengthen our mission and meet our obligations of fellowship.  Donors who give monthly are a special group of people who appreciate the opportunity to be involved in making a daily difference and know that they can reach a higher goal for themselves by spreading their support over several months or even a year. (Employee Appreciation Fund donors find this way of giving very helpful).  Call our office today and we will provide you with an authorization form or, Click to download the form

Planned Gifts

Some gifts are created through wills and trusts while others produce income from a current transfer of assets. No matter the particular structure, all contributions to the Geneva Foundation are investments in the future of Presbyterian Homes for generations to come. Gift planning typically provides donors and beneficiaries with tax benefits including the reduction of capital gains tax, minimizing or eliminating gift and estate tax, and producing tax efficient income streams.  There are a variety of ways to plan for a future gift, Click to learn more

Your gift can be made in support of one of our campus locations to help the Geneva Foundation provide the very best care and services.  The Geneva Foundation works closely with donors to explore giving opportunities that meet their charitable interests as well as current needs. Our staff is always open to talking with interested donors about how they can make meaningful designated gifts.  The Donate Online page provides you with a drop-down menu to select your area of interest or you can select from one of the funds below.

The Fellowship Fund

Compassion and Benevolence for Residents

Every campus is alive with friendships, wonderful opportunities for intellectual and personal growth and, of course, spiritual renewal. Year by year the bonds of fellowship grow stronger as our residents engage in remarkably fulfilling lives.  The Fellowship Fund was created to assist individuals served by our campus communities who have through no fault of their own outlived their financial resources and is entirely funded by endowment earnings and private donations.  You may also direct your fellowship giving to a particular campus.

The Building Fund

Creating Programmatic and Capital Opportunities

As our campuses mature, there will always be a need for ongoing improvements to maintain residents’ safety, convenience and comfort. Moreover, as residents’ interests evolve and grow, there will be a need for new – yet to be conceived – capital and programmatic improvement projects that will continue to make our communities remarkable places to live. During the next decade, Presbyterian Homes will work with residents to strengthen the quality of life on our campuses through far-reaching innovations, important new services, and a bold plan of capital improvements. Opportunities for innovative programming and capital endeavors are many, and the Building Fund will be the avenue for the support of new and continuing programs that supplement and enhance the lives of all those who pass through Presbyterian Homes.

The Thanksgiving Fund

Gratitude and Assistance for Staff

Presbyterian Homes employs 1,340 people – dedicated men and women who work to make our communities into gracious, welcoming homes. Housekeepers, nurses, chefs, landscapers, and administrators – each person touches the lives of residents in sometimes small, other times remarkable, ways. The Thanksgiving Fund allows donors to make an impact on the lives of Presbyterian Homes’ employees through three crucial areas:

The New Hope Scholarships: Talent and commitment, not the ability to pay tuition and fees, open the doors to an academic, technical or vocational education. This fund provides scholarships to exceptional employees and allows them to pursue new educational opportunities and/or attain economic security. 

Emergency Assistance: This special fund is for employees who are in financial need as a result of an emergency or crisis such as fire, natural disaster, disease, or death of an immediate family member. 

Appreciation: Exceptional productivity from all of our employees is what sets us above other retirement communities, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted. Residents can make an annual gift to the Employee Appreciation Fund. At year-end, a modest gift is given to each employee in recognition of their productive and outstanding service.

ALL Gifts can have an associated TRIBUTE!

There are many residents and family members who designate the Geneva Foundation for memorials or in lieu of flowers.  Some see it as a way to say thank you for the care they received while living in the Presbyterian Homes community, others see it as a way to help their neighbors who may require support in the future.  Either way, the Geneva Foundation is happy to see these wishes carried out.  When memorial gifts are received, we thank the donor with a special letter and send a memorial notification card to the family of the deceased. Only your name and address is shared on the notification card, not of the amount of the gift. Click for the latest edition of  the Geneva newsletter 

Inspired to make a gift right now?  Click here and you will be directed to our Donate Online page.

Volunteer and become a member of the Woman’s Board of Presbyterian Homes!

Founded in 1914, The Woman’s Board of Presbyterian Homes was established as the Women’s Board of Managers. Their initial tasks were to furnish and ‘keep’ the very first Presbyterian Home, a small house on the Near South Side of Chicago serving six vulnerable older adults.

In the early years, the Women’s Board of Managers was the workforce – handling everything from bed linens to admissions and beyond. When the Presbyterian Home moved to Evanston in 1922, residents were expected to help with daily tasks and the Women’s Board worked alongside them, sewing clothes, preparing meals, tending the vegetable gardens and even the goats! These women were pioneers in elder-care, providing a full and active life to the residents of the Home and ensuring their well-being and safety.

Over the years, the mission of Presbyterian Homes continued to grow, and professional staff increasingly supplemented the efforts of the Women’s Board. By 1952 the Women’s Board of Managers had settled into a less managerial role, a change reflected in its new name, the Woman’s Board of Presbyterian Homes. Notwithstanding this name change, the Woman’s Board’s dedication to Presbyterian Homes’ mission of service has endured.

Today, the Woman’s Board aims to create a climate of faith-based fellowship at Presbyterian Homes and therefore seeks to play an active role in the lives of residents. Board members visit residents, transport them to activities, and host various special functions, concerts, and receptions. They operate a variety of inviting shops that serve the needs of residents, staff, and the broader community.  

The impact of the Woman’s Board is profound and broad-reaching. Through proceeds from their shops and an annual appeal, the Woman’s Board funds projects such as the Chaplain Intern Program, and programs that benefit Presbyterian Homes and its charitable mission. The Woman’s Board is proud to have raised over $3 million dollars for the benefit of Presbyterian Homes throughout the years.

For more information about the Woman’s Board, please contact Nancy Ichinose, Director of Community Programs at Westminster Place,      (847) 492-4872 or email at nichinose@presbyterianhomes.org 


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