May 20, 2020

We were recently notified of one additional case of COVID-19 on campus, a staff member who remains quarantined.

The total number of confirmed cases now stands at twelve (12), with five (5) residents and seven (7) employees. Of the total five resident positive cases, all are inactive. Three residents recovered, one was discharged, and there was one death. Of the total seven staff members who have tested positive, only two are active, and they remain out on paid leave and in quarantine. The other five employee cases are inactive, because all five recovered.

As result of these new cases, we continue to alert staff and residents who were in direct or indirect contact with these individuals, asking that they monitor any symptoms. For residents, we ask that you notify the Clinic at 847.604.6705, if you exhibit any COVID-19 related symptoms, or if you want to be directed to complete a COVID-19 test, depending on your health condition.

You should know that while we cannot identify the specific individuals who tested positive because of HIPAA privacy regulations, if we have reason to believe that you have been exposed, we will notify you and your family (if you desire) as soon as possible and direct you to seek medical attention.

We are committed to notifying you as soon as possible about positive cases, whether or not you may have come in contact with a potential COVID-19 resident or employee in our community.

We are in this together and success depends on our trust in one another. Not only your trust that you will be notified if you have been potentially exposed, but our trust that you are taking the necessary steps to protect your neighbors and the staff.